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Our Services

Evotech provide reliable Full duplex dedicated internet service and Broadband internet service

Internet Service

Evotech offers scalable and customizable tracking, monitoring, and control solutions for industrial, public and private enterprises and institutions including security establishments, and personnel and fleet management purposes using leading industry technologies.

Monitoring & Control

Evotech designs and installs complete Safety & Security solutions aimed at providing maximum protection for your personnel and property.

Safety & Security

Evotech's Wireless and Microwave solutions embrace a broad range of application areas including short and medium range terrestrial communication, campus-wide wireless coverage.

Wireless & Microwave

An IT infrastructure is the key to smooth functioning of businesses of any size, and networking forms the backbone of this infrastructure. Evotech designs, implements and maintains advanced information networks that provide high speed and secure means of data exchange and internal communications for enterprises. We design solutions that are based on network appliances from Cisco, Aruba and other industry leaders, and server systems from Dell, HP and IBM. Our systems enable businesses to streamline their processes and manage and expand their operation efficiently and with less cost.

Network Infrastructure

Evotech provides broadband Voice over IP and Video Conferencing technologies, with access to a variety of services worldwide that enable you to connect audio and video over wired and wireless IP network, securely and reliably.

Voice & Video

Monitoring & Control

The best way to maximize safety and efficiency for demanding missions is with a complete system that helps you actively manage your fleet. When your employees are working and traveling in the most remote and harsh environments, or you need to know where your assets are and ensure that your drivers are safe. Evotech is a single-source Tracking Solutions provider for tracking and managing assets using technologies.


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